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You can translate your metaobjects in langify.

For an overview what metaobjects are and how to create them in Shopify, check out the guide at


Currently the Metaobject section does not have an export/import option. We have this on our to-do list though and will add it in the future.

Where to find it in langify

You can find the metaobject section in the navigation bar on the left.

Note, that if this is the first time you enter the metaobject section, langify will ask for new permissions in order to access the content and translations for metaobjects.

Currently, metaobjects cannot be found by using the global search bar.

In order to find our metaobjects, please use the search inside the Metobject section.

When you open the Metaobject section, langify will display all items by default. If you're looking for a specific metaobject, you can enter its title or Shopify ID in the search bar at the top of the section:

If you're looking for the metaobjects of a specific definition, you can use the dropdown menu to filter for one definition:

You can also sort the result by ID, definition type, "updated at" date or name.


When you create your metaobjects in Shopify, you might have added a validation to any of its subfields, for example a character max or min. Note, that the same validation restriction applies to the translation.

If you try do add a translation that does not confirm to the given validation, the translation cannot be saved and langify will show you an error message.