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You can translate your URL handles in langify.

First, let's look at the term "Resource Handle". A resource handle is a unique identifier for a particular resource or object within your store. For example, the specific name of a product in a store where "/products/bertine-back-stretch-leather-ankle-boots" is the resource handle. 

This resource handle is divided into two parts: "products" (the object specifier) and "bertine-back-stretch-leather-ankle-boots" (the actual product handle). The object specifier tells us we're in the "products" section of the website, while the actual product handle leads us to a specific product, in this case, the product "Bertine Back Stretch Leather Ankle Boots". 

Please note, that an object specifier like "/products" cannot be translated.

Together with the domain, the resource handle form the full URL (Uniform Resource Locator) that you would type into your browser's address bar to go directly to this specific product on your store.

Example - default English handle:

German translated handle:


You can translate the handles for the following resources:

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Collections
  • Pages
  • Products

Your existing URLs will automatically redirect to the new translated URLs (e.g. example.com/es-us/products/red-shoes will redirect to example.com/es-us/products/zapatos-rojos)

Where to find it in langify

Open your product or other resource in langify and scroll a bit down. Beneath the description you will find the field to translate the handle:

Handles can be exported and imported only in the product section of langify.


URLs do not support all characters. Upon saving, such invalid characters will automatically be converted into a form that is supported.

Note, that a handle always has to be unique. That means, that a translation cannot be the same as an already existing handle. If you accidentally want to save a handle that is already taken, you will get an error message:

If you edit and save the handle translations for more than one product at once, please note that langify will show such an error feedback only for the currently selected product.

To avoid issues, we recommend to save the translation after editing one product.

In some cases, the taken handle will be modified with a trailing number. For example: bertine-rucken-reissdehnung-leder-stiefeletten-1

Known bugs

Please note that this feature by Shopify is very new and some bugs might appear.

So far, we've encountered a bug with the translation of collection handles where subsequently the filters of such a collection disappeared on the translated version. Please double-check your collection page content after translating its handle.

Also, third-party apps that display specific content on pages or collections might not recognize the translated URL handle. Please check with the respective third-party app support if they are integrated with Shopify's URL translation system or if they planning to add this.