With the reworked export/import feature in langify v2 you can create back up files of your translations. Either simply to save your work, as well as for advanced use…

Generally, exporting the translations is recommended to have an app specific copy of your work. E.g. in case a former version needs to be restored.

Further, this is useful when a store frequently adds/updates its e.g. products. 

Or, for the migration from other external translation content to be imported into langify

Basically you have three different options to export your translation in langify:

  1. PO/MO
  2. CSV
  3. CSV - advanced

Simply choose the section to export, e.g. the products. Then click on the three dots in the top right and click export. 

Once the content is ready, please choose the format. (po/mo,  csv - basic,  csv-advanced)

Each option has different benefits and requirements. If you simply want to save your translations in a backup file, the .csv method would be perfectly fine. 

For more complex HTML content the PO/MO approach is interesting.

Export options 


This option has the advantage of automatically transmitting the correct HTML formatting. (requires another tool)

  1. export the .po file
  2. open it in the poedit software (free download here!)
  3. create the .mo file and import it in langify

CSV - basic

This option is useful, e.g. in case it is necessary to regularly add translations from an external source (professional translator). 

Or to migrate existing content. (For example in case you want to duplicate your store.)

It is necessary to keep the given structure with two columns, "source" and "target". 

Export content: source, target

Note:  It is not possible to add custom columns.

CSV - advanced

With our recently added advanced .csv export, you can additionally export/import a file with ID and type. 

Export content: id, type, source, target

Please note that each section has to be exported individually. According to the translation API sections in langify. 

Export/Import those section:

  • Theme
  • Products
  • Collections
  • Pages 
  • Navigation
  • Blogs 
  • Articles
  • Static
  • Custom

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