Welcome to the Product Translation section, where you have the flexibility to translate your product details, globally and individually:

“Globally” (applies to all products) you can translate the following sections: 

  • Tags: Apply tags universally across all products.
  • Types: Define product types consistently for all items.
  • Vendors: Assign vendors globally for streamlined management.

“Individually” (applies to a specific product) you can translate those elements:

  • Product Title and Description: Craft unique titles and descriptions tailored to each product.
  • Product-Related Options: Customize options specific to each item.
  • Variants: Tailor variant details for individual products.
  • Metafields: Fine-tune metafields on a per-product basis.
  • Images: Upload and manage images unique to each product.
  • SEO Fields: Optimize SEO settings individually for better product visibility.

First choose the element to translate on the left

Second fill in translations on the right.

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