Translate your Shopify images with langify. Either by easy drag and drop direct upload. Or by using our custom content (cc) feature. Upload your translated product, collection and pages images. For e.g. theme images use our custom solution.

Drag & Drop image translation for Products, Collection and Pages.

Generally, once the images are uploaded to Shopify (more details here), either by upload to the assets folder or in the certain element description. (e.g. product description) 

In langify, you have two different options to translate the images.

First for your products, collections and pages by direct upload in langify (Drag&Drop)

Secondly, via custom content for any other image 

Also for the image’ ‘alt’ text and/or video

Regular image translations

Basically, as the images in Shopify are handled differently for certain store sections, so are the translations in langify.

You can directly upload your translated images in app for those sections:

No need to first upload the file to Shopify!

  • Products
  • Collections
  • Pages

Simply choose the product/collection/page element and open the images section below the description. The available images are displayed as preview and with the option to drag&drop your translated image directly. Just click on the ‘plus’ button…

Hint: The successfully uploaded image will be displayed in the pre-view.

Note: The images are stored on the 'langify media' theme (will be automatically created)

Custom image translation

For the other Shopify images, the translation in langify works around via custom content in the app. It is a little more work to do as the translated images have to be uploaded to your Shopify assets folder separately.

Hence, please upload your translated images in Shopify.


Then, simply use the respective myshopify URL from the original image to create the custom content and save. 

Add the uploaded myshopify URL from the translated image in langify accordingly.

  1. Upload translated image to Shopify
  2. Create ‘Custom Content’ in langify with the original image URLs
  3. Add URL from the translated image and save