Basic Setup & Advanced Functions

Within langify's new switcher configurator, you can comfortably set up and design your own language switcher. Have your visitors re-directed to their preferred language automatically, enable currencies and international domains. 

Simply open the switcher configurator in your langify Dashboard to find these categories: 

Please note that international domains are not available for the Shopify ‘lite’ and ‘basic’ plan


In your Selectors section, you can adjust your languages switcher.  Out of the box, it is placed in the bottom left. Easily make the switcher design fitting to your theme by checking those for those three steps:

  1. Choose Switcher type & placement
  2. Adjust Size & Appearance
  3. And Color & Style

Video - switcher setup 

Switcher sections

To fit individual theme designs, langify's switcher configurator offers multiple options to adjust the layout in detail for those sections: