Welcome to langify

With langify, you can easily add up to 20 additional languages out of the box. Enjoy your free 7-day trial. Just follow the 3 steps below to get multilingual. 

1. Add & Publish the languages in your 'Dashboard'

RTL (right-to-left) languages direction and the languages code are assigned automatically.

In your Dashboard, go to "languages" and click "add languages". You can choose the desired language there. To display your translations, you would have to publish your additional language(s) and theme accordingly. MORE DETAILS HERE.

2. Start translating

Comfortably translate your content automatically or manually. Simply go to the respective section and click "Auto-translate". MORE DETAILS HERE

3. Add switcher

Once the languages are added and the translations in place, you will want to add a language's switcher to your store that fits your style. The default version is in the bottom right. You can easily customize it with our switcher configurator. MORE DETAILS HERE,

Shopify guide towards translations HERE