Welcome to langify

Experience the power of langify, where language barriers are a thing of the past. With langify, you can effortlessly integrate up to 20 additional languages right from the start. Follow these three simple steps to unlock the world of multilingual communication:

1. Add & Publish the languages

2. Start translating

3. Add switcher

1. Add & Publish the languages

RTL (right-to-left) languages direction and the languages code are assigned automatically.

Let's get started. In your Dashboard, you'll find the "Languages" section. Click on it and select "Add Languages." Choose the language you desire from the options available. The system automatically handles right-to-left (RTL) language direction and language codes for you. To showcase your translations, remember to publish your additional languages and adjust your theme settings accordingly. For more details, please refer to: HERE.

2. Start translating

Translating your content is a breeze with Langify. You have the choice to translate your content automatically or manually. Simply navigate to the respective section and click on "Auto-translate." For additional information, please check HERE. 

3. Add switcher

Once you've added your languages and completed the translations, it's time to incorporate a language switcher into your store to match your unique style. The default version resides in the bottom right corner, but don't worry – you can easily customize it using our switcher configurator. Further guidance can be found HERE. If you're using Shopify, we've also prepared a comprehensive guide to assist you in your translation journey. Explore it HERE,

We can also place and customize the language switcher for you. Just email us at support@langify-app.com and we'll do this for you.

Get ready to enjoy a free 7-day trial and discover the boundless possibilities of langify. Welcome to a world of multilingual excellence!