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After transitioning to the new publishing method through the theme customizer, you may encounter certain issues. Below are some frequently asked questions that may address your concerns. Should you require additional assistance or clarification, please reach out to our support team at support@langify-app.com.

Custom Content translations don't work anymore

If your custom content translations are no longer effective, it's possible that the translated text is embedded within an HTML attribute. To safeguard your store's functionality, langify restricts the translation of HTML attributes by default.

To resume translation of your elements, you must manually insert the previous langify translation code into your theme. Detailed instructions are available in our guide HERE.

Translations flicker or only show up after a delay

Due to the shift from server-side to client-side implementation for Custom Content translations, there may be a short delay before translations appear.

If you prefer to revert to the original server-side translation method, you can reintegrate the langify translation code by following the steps in our guide HERE.

Static section translations do not update

Translations within the Static section depend entirely on the translation code. It is essential to update this code whenever you add new translations. For guidance on this process, please consult our guide HERE.

Pagefly/Gempage pages do not translate

If you have previously translated these pages using langify's Static section and they are no longer translating, it is likely due to missing or overwritten translation code within the theme. To resolve this, manually reapply the translation code specific to the Static section as directed in our guide HERE.

Language switcher does not update

With the new publishing method, the language switcher settings are now global. However, you can specify theme-based settings by entering the theme ID in the designated field within the langify options in the Embedded App section of your Theme Customizer. Once this has been done, the language switcher settings are once again specific for this theme.

Language switcher appears twice

This happens if both the old translation code is present on your theme and at the same time langify is active in the embedded app section. Please clean up your theme from any leftover langify code to resolve this.

In case you want to use langify's translation code inside the theme parallel to the Embedded App option, then please use the alternative manual publishing method. The translation code added with this process is slightly different and optimized to be used next to the Embedded App option.

The content on all my store pages appears twice

This will happen if there was a mistake while the langify polyfill code was applied. Please open your theme's main file, theme.liquid, and reset it to its earlier state without the polyfill code.

When you add the polyfill code to your theme, make sure to replace the existing code in the theme.liquid file with the provided code.