Which version of langify do I have installed?

Since December 2019, a new Langify (langify v2) version has been set up during installation for new customers; existing customers continue to use the old version (langify v1). The new version of Langify is based on the Shopify Translation API, which simplifies and makes it easier to translate a store. Unfortunately, the Shopify solution does not offer the possibility to implement all features of langify. Therefore it was decided that only new customers will automatically get the new Langify V2 version. We offer a migration service to old customers who can do without the features of V2. Please write for it to support@langify-app.com

Please enter your myshopify.com URL for migration. We will then add it to our migration queue and as soon as your store is migrated, we will contact you.

Which version do I have installed?

In order to determine which version is installed, we have built a small collection of screenshots here.

langify v2 looks like

langify v1 looks like