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Please note, that the Static section is deprecated, and we would recommend to set up your translations in the Custom section instead.

Unlike other sections, the Static section entirely depends on translation code embedded directly within the theme. Before you start using this, we recommend to first add langify's general translation code in the main file of the theme (theme.liquid).

After adding or editing translations in the Static section please follow the additional steps listed below.

For a more streamlined experience, we recommend transferring your translations to the Custom section. Further details on this are provided below.

Adding Translation Code

  1. Navigate to langify's Static section and open the snippet containing your translations.
  2. After saving any translation, a notification bar will appear, indicating the need to manually add the translation code.

  3. Click 'Copy Published Code' to capture the translation code.
  4. Select 'Open' to access the corresponding snippet in your Shopify Theme editor.
  5. Replace the existing text by selecting all (Ctrl+A) and pasting the new code (Ctrl+V).

Please note that the red message will remain visible even after the translation code has been successfully added. Optimizing this is on our to-do list; we aim to enable langify to automatically verify the addition of the code. For the time being, we suggest to double-check whether the translations are appearing on your store page to confirm that the process is complete.

Removing Translation Code

If you want to remove the translation code from your theme,

  1. In the Static section, locate the snippet and click on 'Copy Un-published Code'.
  2. Click 'Open' to bring up the relevant snippet in your Shopify Theme editor.
  3. Remove the langify code by selecting all (Ctrl+A) and pasting the original code (Ctrl+V).

Effectively Using Custom Content as an Alternative

For translations within your native or customized theme code, opt for the langify Custom section to add translations as custom content

When translating pages created with a page builder app like Pagefly or Gempages, open the page within langify's Page section and input translations under the Custom tab. This ensures translations are applied solely to the specific page, without affecting others.