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Due to a general change of third-party app permissions, langify is no longer be able to automatically alter your theme code. Usually it is enough to simply have langify published as embedded app in your Shopify Theme Customizer. However, in some cases it can be beneficial to the translation reliability to have an additional layer of translation code injected into your theme. In langify, this is called the "polyfill code". You can add this to your theme as outlined below.

Cases where the polyfill code is necessary are:

  • to apply translations of the Static section
  • to translate HTML attributes with Custom content
  • to apply translation of the product tags, types and vendor section

Manual Publishing Process

  1. Make sure that the langify is enabled as embedded app of your theme
  2. Navigate to the langify dashboard and select the 'Theme Settings' tab.
  3. Click on 'Start to Add the Code' to begin

  4. Click on "Generate Code" to prepare the necessary code snippet.
  5. Use the 'Copy to Clipboard' option to capture the generated code, then access the theme's main file by clicking 'Open Template'.
    Alternatively, you can go to Shopify -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code and select the 'theme.liquid' file.

  6. Replace the entire existing code in 'theme.liquid' file by selecting all (Ctrl+A) and pasting the new code (Ctrl+V).
    This will insert the original code of the file with just a few additional lines of code for langify.

Manual Unpublishing Process

To revert your theme to its original state without langify's code, follow these steps:

  1. Access the langify dashboard and proceed to the 'Theme Settings' tab and click on 'Start to remove the Code'
  2. Select 'Generate Code' to retrieve the code that excludes langify's integration.
  3. Click 'Copy to Clipboard' to capture the unpublished code.

  4. Open your theme's main file by clicking 'Open Template'. Alternatively, navigate to Shopify -> Themes -> Actions -> Edit code and open the 'theme.liquid' file.
  5. In 'theme.liquid' file, select all existing code (Ctrl+A) and replace it with the unpublished code (Ctrl+V) to remove langify's additions.

By following these instructions, you will successfully remove langify from your theme, restoring it to its pre-langify state. If you require assistance during this process, please contact our support team at support@langify-app.com.