This article discusses the most frequently asked questions for the application of langify's custom content feature (v2). 

Basically, it is designed as a workaround for specific content that can not be translated regularly

For example, the 'add to cart' button sometimes needs to be translated via this feature.

Further, third party app content is a frequent use case. Please find our app integrations list here

Please do not custom translate single words such as 'Add' 'Search' or 'Available'

It is important to create custom content translations in the corresponding sub-section in langify.

Out of the box, you have:


Front page

Product Pages

Collection Pages

Blog/Article Pages

Custom Pages

System Pages

Individual Custom Content translations by section

Directly add custom contents for each section:

  1. Click on the e.g. product, collection or page
  2. browse to custom
  3. and add the content