In the static section you can, generally, translate hard-coded texts from the template. 

Further it is possible to translate certain third party apps here.  (e.g. pagefly and gempage)

The static content changes automatically should the respective Shopify content be altered. (Unlike custom content)

Basically, simply search the element to translate in the sections search bar, right on top. 

For example search for the pagefly template as indicated below

Find Static content

  • Type in the search term and open the respective element below. 
  • Either use the automatic translation feature or just add them yourself.

!Note: Please use the static section translation option before custom content.

Additionally, it is also possible to translate static content from third party apps such as:

E.g. search for the respective created template, e.g. ‘pagefly.0123456789’, and add your translations accordingly. 

If you have question please reach out to our support: