If your theme already comes with translations for multiple languages, you can import them in langify with a few simple clicks.

Step 1

Select your theme from the "Translations / Theme Translations" section:

Step 2

If your theme supports multiple languages, a drop-down containing the supported languages will be displayed:

Step 3

From the drop-down select the language that you'd like to import for the currently selected theme.

Note that the selected language will be imported for the language that you are currently translating into.

The language you are currently translating into is shown in the upper left in langify and can be changed at any time.

So if you are currently translating into German, you'd select German from the available shopify theme translations:

Step 4

As soon as the import is completed, the theme translations will be available in langify:

Now you can start translating your own content.

Good luck!

We hope this tutorial was of use, if you are still struggling with your translations or have encountered any problems which we haven't discussed here feel free to contact us.

Enjoy translating! Viel Spass bei der √úbersetzung!