This guide explains how to translate your Shopify notifications.

Please follow the other guide if you want to translate your customer account notifications.

The customer account notifications are:

  • Customer Account Activation
  • Customer Account Welcome
  • Customer Password Reset

Step 1

Navigate to the "Translations / Shop / Notifications" section in langify to open a template that you can use to translate your Shopify notifications:

Step 2

Open a Text Editor of your choice and copy over the langify notification template:

Step 3

Navigate to the "Settings / Notifications" section in your Shopify backend:

Step 4

Open the notification that you'd like to translate and copy the HTML email content:

Step 5

Back in your Text Editor replace the "TEXT FOR ... HERE" with the HTML email content from your Shopify notification where ... must match your base language (English in this example):

Step 6

Now replace the other "TEXT FOR ... HERE" occurrences with the HTML email content of your Shopify notification and translate it into the corresponding language. In this example I've replaced "TEXT FOR German HERE" with the original notification translated into German (You must not translate any liquid code in between {% %} or {{ }})

Step 7

Finally, after you've replaced every occurrence of "TEXT FOR ... HERE" with the corresponding translations, replace your current Shopify HTML email notification with the content of your Text Editor:

Step 8

Click "Save" to store your new, translated, notification.

Your customers should now receive the translated notification matching their currently selected language.

Translating the notification subject:

You can use the very same translation template to translate the subject of your notification.

Simply replace "TEXT FOR ... HERE" with the corresponding subject translation so that you end up with something like:

{% case attributes.language %}

{% when 'ly2315' %}


{% else %}

Order Confirmation

{% endcase %}

Afterwards, replace your Email subject in Shopify with the translation template including your subject translations:

Translating Draft Orders:

Draft Orders must be tagged with the correct language id manually:

So if ly2315 is your German language id and you want to send a draft order in German, you will have to tag the order with ly2315

The Draft Order Notification can be translated using the following template:

{% if tags contains 'ly2315' %}


{% else %}

Order Confirmation

{% endif %}