Out of the box, Shopify themes come in English language. Though, most come with additional language options. 

Static theme content such as checkout, cart and contact information are natively connected if possible for themes with that language option included.

Bulk translation

With our automatic translation feature, you can translate your whole store content with just a few clicks. Simply click on "BULK TRANSLATION" in your Dashboard and follow the steps as described:

1. Choose target language

2. Select & synchronize the Elements to translate

3. Count words

4. Start translating 

Here a quick video: 

The duration of the process is reliant on the volume of words that need to be translated. Once the translation is completed, you will only need to synchronize the output accordingly.


First 500 words are for free! Additional translation packages can be purchased on demand.

(10k = 4,99 $; 20k = 8,99 $; 50k = 19,90 $)

You can use our feature to count the number of words needed for translation. Just select the language and element(s) to be translated in Step 1 and 2, to start the word count and see the result.

We offer further discounts for word purchases in bulk:

50,000+ Words20%
200,000+ Words30%
500,000+ Words40%
1.000,000+ Words42%

Please note that our bulk auto-translation feature is currently still in its beta phase and therefore is only enabled upon request.

Additionally, the bulk auto-translation feature does not cover the following sections:

- Theme

- Custom

- Static

- Any Metafields or URL handles

- Product tags, types or vendors

To enable this feature, please send us an email to support@langify-app.com and we'll enable it for you.