langify is currently able to translate static images in your theme and images in the descriptions of your products, pages, blog posts, etc.

I am working on implementing the translation of product images in langify.

Until this feature is ready you can workaround the issue by following this tutorial.

Step 1

Open the page with the image that you want to translate. 

Step 2

Now you have to search for the url of the image. Using the Chrome Development Tools makes this an easy task.

Step 3

Copy the url (in this example it is // and create a new "custom content" in langify by clicking "Add new custom content" in the "Translations / Custom" section (

Step 4

Paste in the url of the image that you have copied in step 3.

Step 5

Click "Create" and navigate to the "Assets" section of your Theme

Step 6

Click "Add a new asset" and select the translated image.

Step 7

Copy the url by right-clicking the image and selecting "Copy image address" (you need only the part of the link after the "https:") that shopify has uploaded the image to (in this case it is // and navigate back to the "Translations / Custom" section in langify.

Click the content that you have created in step 5.

Step 8

Translate your image url by pasting in the url that you have copied in step 7 and click "Save".