Shopify is rolling out the new Markets feature for all stores. High time to also provide fully support for  markets as well. 

In order to fully support Markets, we had to make some basic changes to both the switchers and the core scripts.

Since not all Shopify stores have Markets enabled yet and depending on the other existing store settings, it may be necessary to make a few settings.

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Why did my language switcher disappear?

When you have configured your language, country, or currency selectors with langify's "Switcher Configurator" but the selectors refuse to get visible in the storefront, it can have one of the following reasons:

  1. No additional languages are assigned to your markets

    When you already are using Shopify Markets, please ensure that you have selected additional languages to display on each market in the Shopify -> Settings -> Markets -> [YOUR MARKET] Manage -> Domains and languages section.

  2. No additional languages are assigned to your domains

    When you still are using Shopify's old domain settings instead of Shopify Markets, please ensure that there are additional languages selected in the Shopify -> Settings -> Domains -> [YOUR DOMAIN] Manage -> Languages section.

By default, additional languages use subfolders ( If you want the additional languages link to other domains instead of subfolders, you would need to provide international-domains.

Langify's previous switcher version has the ability to link languages to other domains even when they are not international-domains. Unfortunately this procedure is not compatible with markets.

Can I get back the previous switcher version?

Actually, we don't recommend it, but if needed you can revert the Markets update and lock it by following these steps:

  1. Log into langify and select the theme you are working on.

  2. On the dashboard, go to the Theme Settings -> Customize Scripts section.

  3. Select the snippets/ly-core-scripts.liquid and snippets/ly-switcher-factory.liquid tabs and paste the content of the two attached files. Alternatively, you also can copy the correct version of the code directly from Shopify's code editor.

  4. Press the Save button.

Please note that using the Customize Scripts function will lock the customized scripts to that state and will prevent that they are auto-updated.