You want to have your translations displayed automatically?

This article explains how to use langify's new languages re-direct feature to do so.

Generally, you can choose either our languages detection or the languages' recommendation feature.

Both features set the displayed language according to the visitors' browser language, when available.

Otherwise, your default language is displayed out of the box.

Note: The Fallback language is the one displayed in case the visitors' browser language is not added in langify. Out of the box, this is your Shopify Base language.

Both re-direct features can be enabled in langify's switcher configurator

Detection feature

Easily enable it in langify's Switcher configurator section. 

Open the configurator,  browse to the languages' detection tab and click enable.

Recommendation feature

With our new recommendation feature, you can have your visitor asked which language is preferred. 

Either with a banner or pop up.

To directly suggest the available translation options.

Choose the banner or pop up option recommendation option and adjust its appearance.