Generally, ‘Domains’ are what customers use to find your Shopify products & store by internet search. Having multiple languages and custom domains improve the indivitual search results.

Improve your search engine results (SEO) by assigning individual domains to your additional languages with langify’s ‘Cross-domain feature’.

Only two step are necessary to do so.

First assign the domain to Shopify and
Secondly enable the domains for your translations in langify. 

Connecting international domains in Shopify.

First you need to have the desired domain available. 

  • Those can be bought from Shopify (certain local legal restrictions must be meet, find details here)
  • Or from a third party domain provider, further info here.

Once the domain is available, please follow those general steps:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Domains.
  2. Next to the domain or subdomain that you want to customize, click Manage.
  3. For non-primary domains, select Don't redirect to the primary domain to see the domain management options.
  4. Choose the languages and region or country that you want associated with that particular domain.
  5. Click Save.

In referance, here the detailed Shopify Guide and video:


  • Go to your Shopify admin > Online Store > Domains.
  • Click Connect existing domain.
  • Enter the domain that you want to connect, and click Next.

Please note that these international domains are not available for the Shopify ‘lite’ and ‘basic’ plan

Cross domain feature

Once the domains are connected in Shopify just follow those 3 

  • From your Dashboard in langify.
  • Open the Switcher configurator
  • Go to the Domains tab and click enable. (will be saved automatically)

Generally, it is recommended to add only one domain per language, based on SEO best practice. Multiple domains might have negative effects on those result.

Enable domains in langify


Hint: There might be specific cases where several domains per language want to be assigned. That would also be possible, but the languages switcher does not work out of the box then.

Note: Hreflang tags & cannonical URLS are being added automatically