In this section you can adjust the basic switcher layout. Define the switcher 'Position', 'Alignment' and 'Spacing' to fit it to your theme design.

Quick view:



  • ‘Fixed’ (this option will make the switcher stay in position and visible when scrolling the page)
  • ‘Absolute’ (places the switcher in the chose position independent from other HTML elements)
  • ‘Custom’ positioning (Please reach out to our support for details)

Generally, there are 3 different position options for your switcher:

Alignment & Spacing

By default it is set to the bottom right. Choose between:

  • Right Bottom
  • Top Right
  • Left Top
  • Bottom Left

'Spacing/Position': Easily 'fine tune' the switcher  horizontally and vertically, in this section. 

Simply use the drag bar, or manually type in the pixel value.

Align your switcher for fixed and absolute positioning to any 'corner/edge'.