General Options

In this section you choose the switcher  setting, such 'Type', set the 'Size' and adjust the 'Items order'.  E.g. chose a 'native drop-down' switcher in case you have more than 2 additional languages.

quick view



Five different switchers are available. Simply choose your favorite and save.

Custom’ drop-down (with flag icons)

Native’ drop-down (plain text)

Link’ (‘Label’ & ‘Icon’)


None’ (Hide switcher)

Choose your switcher 'Type', customize the 'Flag icons' and 'Name' displayed.

 Size & Items Order

  • Drag the bar for the size
  • Edit and re-assign your languages name&order

Set the Size by simply using the bar, or by typing in the pixel value manually.In the Items order section you can rename the language and rearrange the order of your languages.