If you're only using langify as Embedded App, then you can simply uninstall the app in your Shopify 'App' section and no further action is required.

We recommend to double-check. however, if any additional or old langify translation code has been added directly to your theme. Please remove any such code before uninstalling langify. 

If the langify polyfill translation code has been added, please remove it from your theme as outlined in our guide: Manually Managing langify's Translation Code

You can check if this polyfill translation code is present by opening the 'Theme Settings' tab on the langify dashboard.

Or, if you didn't switch over to the Embedded App publishing method and still have the old langify translation code present in your theme, the langify 'Theme Settings' tab will appear as shown in the screenshot below. 

You should remove langify from your theme by clicking the "Clean up Theme" button before unsinstalling.

If you forgot to remove the code before uninstalling and there is still leftover code from langify in your theme, please reinstall langify and follow the unpublishing methods mentioned above. Since langify offers a seven-day free trial, you will not incur any charges as long as you uninstall the app again within this period.