In case you are currently using the 'original' langify app version and want to migrate to the new app version, please let us know. We will then enable the 'Update' button for your shop. Accordingly, please prepare your current langify as explained in the following:

v1 Migration:

1. Disable domain feature + Export existing translations and let us know.

2. Click the update button once (=account owner then needs to 'permit' the app to update)

3. Once the permissions are set, you can then trigger the migration by clicking the update button again.

Due to technical reasons it is necessary to follow this procedure and trigger the update button twice.

Wait for the 'Update/Migration' process to finish. Once done you will be lead to the new app interface....

and let us know if you have any questions.

Further reference: Exporting in v1: 

1. Select the theme

2. Select respective language & sections

3. Download...