Product image translation

Regular product images added inside Shopify can be translated in the respective product section under the "Images" tab in langify.

For other images like images on articles or your frontpage please read the next paragraph on how to translate images with custom contents.

Translate images with custom contents

In order to translate your images, please use the custom content feature. We have optimized it to be easy in use and effective in effect.  

  1. Basically, use the respective image link to create the custom content. (open it in a new tab)
  2. Then just put in the link of the translated image as translation.

Our new custom content feature is more versatile in handling commonly used image customizations such as lazy load.

Important information

The image sources can have the following forms:

  • imagename.jpg
  • imagename_100x100.jpg
  • /products/imagename.jpg
  • //
  • //{width}x.jpg?v=1570025549

Please make sure the following criteria are met to custom translate your images:

  • The image format (.jpg, .png, .gif) from the original and the translated image must be identical.
  • The translated image has to be uploaded to the Files section of Shopify.
  • The ratio of both images should be the same.


Alternatively, please try replacing the width inside the URL with the {width} variable inside your link like


instead of


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