Here is how to remove the langify code manually (Shopify's new regulations do not allow us to do it automatically anymore).

1. Navigate to "Theme Settings"

2. Click "Create a new theme without langify code" next to the theme you would like to unprepare

3. langify will now create a copy of that theme and removes all langify code from it.

Note that this might take some time

4. Once langify has created the theme, the theme is uploaded to your Shopify Online Store

5. After the theme has been uploaded, you should preview it to check if everything is behaving as expected.

If everything looks good you can publish it which will make it your new active main theme.

(You can also preview and publish the theme from within the Online Store -> Themes section of your Shopify Admin Panel)

6. The newly created theme will show up as "[theme_name] (without langify)"

Should you have any questions or issues, please let us know at