Generally, most third party app content can be translated via custom content.

Certain apps are integrated with langify out of the box (Natively integrated). 

Some require manual adjustments (Custom integrated). 

Please find the list & details below.

Natively integrated

  • Smart Search & Instant Search (by searchanize)
  • Product Filter & Search app (by boostcommerce)
  • Google Shopping Feed (by AdWords Robot)

Custom integrations

  • Judgeme reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Metafields Guru
  • Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Further integrations

  • LayoutHub
  • Gempage
  • PageFly
  • Shogun

Just click on the app for further details.

Natively integrated:

Product Filter & Search app (by boostcommerce)

With 5-star rating support, lightning-fast performance & high-level security, Boost Product Filter & Search boosts your customer experience & conversion rate for your store.

Easy guide here:

Smart Search & Instant Search (by searchanize)

The 'Smart Search & Instant Search' app from Searchanize is easily integrated with langify.

Easy guide here:

Google Shopping Feed (by AdWords Robot)

Custom integrated apps:

Most of the apps listed below, can be translated via custom content. Some also need a code adjustment. 

Please click on the certain app for more information.

Judgeme reviews

For the 'Judgeme' review app some custom scripts might need to be applied. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions there. 

In case the custom content translations do not apply, we would need to add a custom script. Just let us know.

Product reviews

In order to translate this app via custom content, it is necessary to add a custom script. 

Please reach out to us, and we will add it for you.

Metafields Guru

Out of the box, metafields that contain the namespace: 

- global 

can not be processed by langify regularly.

Hence, custom content would need to be used for such cases.

Should the cc translation not work, please try refreshing the translation language in langify.

Unlimited Bundles & Discounts

Here the integration guide:

  1. Go to Shopify Theme Editor of your store
  2. Open the file revy-bundle-script.liquid in the Snippets folder
  3. Paste the following code after the file content: <script> window.revyBundleThemeSettings = { locale: '{{ request.locale.iso_code }}' }; </script>
  4. Save the file


In case the layouthub CSS is not applied correctly in the translated version, make sure:

that the metafield shop.metafields.layouthub.theme is not translated.

Further integrations


Most of the that content can be translated in the static section of langify. 

Simply search for the Gempage ID in langify's static section to find the correct pace to translate your pagebuilder app content. 

Here a quick video: 


Most of the Pagefly created content can be translated langify's pages or static section.

Should that not be possible, please use custom content.

Here is their solution:


Out of the box, most content can be translated in langify regularly in the respective section (products, collections, pages...). 

Should certain elements not be translatable regularly, please use custom content

Though, as the Shogun app stores your customizations on external servers, it might be necessary to add langify script. Just let us know if you have any questions there.