Out of the box, Shopify themes come in English language. Though, most come with additional language options. 

Static theme content such as checkout, cart and contact information are natively connected if possible for themes with that language option included. 

With our (optional) automatic translation feature, you can 'bulk' translate your ‘theme-sections’ content.

Elements in every other section can be auto-translated individually. 

Theme sections

Here an example of the automatic translations in langify's 'theme' section:


Go to 'themes' in langify, open the respective section and click autotranslate

Further sections

Simply choose the element you want to translate. Browse to little arrow in the middel of the sub-section you want to translate and click 'autotranslate section'

Hint: with the 'Import from Original' option you can simply import the whole HTML structure.


For the other sections, e.g. the procuts, you can either translate the whole element by clicking 'auto-translate', or translate each subsection with the arrow in the middel of the element.


First 500 words are for free! Additional translation packages can be purchased on demand.

(10k = 4,99 $; 20k = 8,99 $; 50k = 19,90 $)

You can roughly estimate your total number of words like this:

If you want to translate 20 pages and add 2 translated languages (in addition to your original language), your total number of translated words would equal to: average words per page x 20 x 2. Assuming you have an average of 500 words per page, your total number of translated words will be 20,000.