Create and Manage your custom translations:

The custom content (CC) feature has, generally, been developed as a work-around for specific translations that do not work out of the box. (frequent examples: ‘Add to cart’ or ‘banner’). It is easy to use and also comes with advanced options. Find out more...


You can create custom translations for each section separately.

=> Go to the ‘custom’ section in langify. Choose the ‘sub-option’ to create the custom content.

(By default, please add it the ‘global’ section)

Step by step:

  1. Choose the CC section.
  2. Create the Custom content
  3. Add your translations and save.


!Hint: Use the Inspect tool (Link) to find the correct text for custom content

Advanced Options:

CC sections

The additional options are helpful for certain use cases. E.g. some variant (for a product) or other specifics that only applies to that page. 

Accordingly, in case necessary (e.g. many custom contents), we recommend creating those by section. For better overview and manageability as well as functionality. 

Hence, please create those CC’s (exclusively), in langify, for those sections: 

Global => applied to all pages (e.g. Footer & 3rd party app content)

Frontpage => front page only (e.g. Hero banner)

Product Pages => all product pages (e.g. Variants)

Collection Pages => all collection Pages

Blog/Article Pages => all Blog Pages

Custom Pages => all custom Pages 

System Pages => all other pages (e.g. cart page, 404, account)

!Note: Please only use CC if the regular translation does not apply. (e.g. several hundert custom contents might affect your loading speed)

Usually, it is fine to simply add custom contents to the ‘global’ section. (Mostly only few elements need to be custom translated)

Third party app content

Langify’s custom translation feature can also be used to translate certain third party apps that are not integrated out of the box. Simply follow the steps above and make sure the CC is created correctly. Should it not work for some reason, just let us know here and we will have a look. Please make sure to add the CC for third party app translations in the respective section.

It might be necessary for some apps to manually adjust the code on our side. (e.g. the ‘Product review app’)