If a text like eg from a third-party app can't be translated in langify out of the box, you can try using a custom content to translate a static string.

You only should create custom content after you have translated everything without using this feature and some translations are still not showing up. After you have added and translated custom content you always should check if your shop is still behaving as it should! If your shop is not behaving as expected after you have translated custom content then please remove it and drop us a mail!

In the "Custom" page, of langify, you will notice several sections, please create your custom contents in the corresponding section in order to apply the translation to the related pages. If there is a translation you need on every page (in the footer for example), you can add it to the "Global" section.

You also have the ability to create a more specified custom content for a single product, collection, article, or page as well in the associated page and item under the "Custom" tab.

When there are multiple custom contents in the different sections for the same target text, langify will always take the more specified one on a specific page.

Example: You have a delivery information text under each product description which translation can varay depending on the product. Furthermore you are having the same text on other pages where the translation always would be the same. You then could create a custom content in the "Custom -> Global" section and only for the varaing translations you could create a custom content in the "Products -> [PRODUCTNAME] -> Custom" section.


Custom contents are applied after the page has loaded on the client-side and not like regular translations on the server-side before the page is sent to the user's browser. That means that you should create a custom content for a static text exactly as it appears in the HTML of the page.

You also can use custom contents to translate entire HTML nodes and not only raw texts. But be carefull, as HTML translation can break your page when handled on a wrong way.