You are currently looking at the documentation of langify V1. The documentation for langify v2 will be available soon. If you have any questions please contact

 This guide shows how to install the Langify App.

Step 1

Navigate to and click 'Get App'.

Step 2

Enter the url of your shopify store.


Step 3

Login into your shopify account if you are not logged in yet.


Step 4

Confirm the installation of langify.

Step 5

Approve the application charge.

You are now ready to experience the Langify App with all of it's features. 

Check our Solution Home for a beginner's guide, if you need help with your translations or with customizing the language switcher.

Good luck!

We hope this tutorial was of use, if you are still struggling with your translations or have encountered any problems which we haven't discussed here feel free to contact us.